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/ mʌl.tiˈhaɪ.fən /

A person or entity who has (or is known for having) several skill-sets.

Multi-Hyphen Media was born out of necessity. Our founder, Randi Matthews, has been called a "jack of all trades" and wanted the opportunity to expand her skills beyond the confines of agency walls. Multi-Hyphen Media brings those core skills front and center. We lead with experience and innovate along the way.

A hybrid of math and magic, Multi-Hyphen Media specializes in entertainment and influencer marketing; with extensive knowledge of social strategy, celebrity procurement, and process implementation. We possess a keen understanding of the digital landscape and traditional marketplace.

We are committed to excellence, and we know that our success is also yours. We are change agents dedicated to creative, original, inventive and integral projects, that will raise the bar.

So let us multiply your solutions.

About Our Founder


Balanchaev Balancha

Randi Matthews is a veteran of the entertainment and influencer marketing world with over a decade of practical experience. Randi brings unmatched skills in the areas of strategic influencer engagement, entertainment marketing, talent procurement, social strategy, brand partnerships and process implementation.

Randi has created and led tailored marketing campaigns for some of the most recognized influencers and celebs in the world, including: Isaac Mizrahi, Lilly Singh, America Ferrera, Missy Elliott, Shonda Rhimes, Grace Helbig and Shay Mitchell to name a few. She has also built and managed successful programs and campaigns for brands like The North Face, Moose Toys, Glam Glow, Lowe’s, Pepsi, Macy’s, Dove, Wendy's, Anheuser-Busch, Disney and more.

Randi honed her skills by working for international companies such as IMG, Studio 71, United Entertainment Group (Edelman), Burns Entertainment, and Ketchum. During her career she built and launched a cutting-edge, global content driven platform; merging the most influential YouTube and social media creators, distribution platforms and digital media. The platform created forward thinking digital campaigns for some of the world’s favorite brands. She has also worked directly with the former White House Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, building his crisis communications business, as a joint venture with IMG.

Now at the helm of her own company, Multi-Hyphen Media, Randi is innovating the influencer landscape and considers herself an expert in the space where media, technology, entertainment, and culture intersect.

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