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/ mʌl.tiˈhaɪ.fən /

A person or entity who has (or is known for having) several skill-sets.

Multi-Hyphen (noun), a person or entity who has (or is) several skill sets. Like its namesake, Multi-Hyphen Media is a female-led and owned boutique social media marketing and strategy shop with deep expertise at the intersection of media, technology, entertainment, sports, and culture. Based in Los Angeles and grounded in solution-oriented creativity, Multi-Hyphen Media champions the need for underutilized executives and underrepresented talent to have a voice across new media and marketing industries.

Multi-Hyphen Media specializes in entertainment and influencer marketing, celebrity procurement, social strategy, and channel management. With multi-diverse skills, Multi-Hyphen Media combines math and magic to produce breakthrough solutions for recognized influencers, brands, and celebrities.

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing tactic in the marketing landscape, and for a good reason. Maximizing digital imprint and influencer engagement will quickly build trust, improve brand awareness, create strategic efficiencies, expand reach and galvanize community.

We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace to better amplify influencer campaigns and innovate traditional marketing and celebrity campaigns.

Our multifaceted tool-kit will help build a strong foundation strategically designed to enhance any client’s initiative.

Let us multiply your solutions.

CEO & Founder


Balanchaev Balancha

Randi Matthews is a veteran of the entertainment and influencer marketing world with over a decade of practical experience. Randi brings unmatched skills in the areas of strategic influencer engagement, entertainment marketing, talent procurement, social strategy, brand partnerships and process implementation.

Randi Matthews is the CEO and founder of Multi-Hyphen Media (MHM) - a leading boutique digital and social media marketing agency. Motivated to step beyond the confines of traditional agency walls, Randi’s unique approach has paved the way for underrepresented executives and talent across media and marketing. With an extensive background in sports and entertainment marketing, Randi is an expert in social media, the Creator Economy, and leveraging the value of storytelling, collaboration, and connection.

Prior to founding Multi-Hyphen Media in 2020, Randi created and led tailored marketing campaigns for some of the most recognized influencers and celebrities in the world. She expanded her skillset working for international companies such as IMG, Studio 71, and United Entertainment Group (Edelman), where she built and launched a cutting-edge, global content-driven platform; merging highly respected influencers, creators, distribution platforms, and digital media. Additionally, Randi led and built former White House Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer’s crisis communication business as a joint venture with IMG.

Outside of MHM, Randi has made it her mission to mentor young professionals through Women of Color Unite's #Startwith8 program and Big Brothers Big Sisters x The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program to empower the next generation of entertainment industry creatives and executives. In partnership with Bold Woman Brands, she created a digital course called The Making of Social Media (themakingofsocialmedia.com) to guide small businesses, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders on the social constructs of Social Media and explore the emotional and strategic foundations for digital marketing success.

Inspired by her son, Quinn, Randi has stretched the mission of MHM beyond digital, going behind the camera to produce Deliver Us (Deliverusdoc.com), a documentary shedding light on the Black maternal health crisis in America; and is also in the process of creating Black Moms in Media, a national initiative to support working executive level Black mothers in the media industry.

A Chicago, Illinois native, Randi honed her competitive spirit and leadership skills as a Division 1 track-and-field collegiate scholarship athlete at Ohio University, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and continuing her studies by earning a Master of Science in Sports Business and Recreation. Randi resides in Los Angeles with Quinn and her husband Kyle.

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