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What We Do

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Social Strategy

We create innovative social and digital campaigns from the ground up. Campaign & platform strategy, tone & voice, concepting, partnerships, and execution. The power of storytelling is inherent in everything we do and we pour passion, creativity, and forward thinking into every project. By collaborating with our clients and partners, we develop campaigns that encompass the project’s unique audience and leverage native platform behaviors to exceed your goals.

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Research & Insights

  • Tone & Voice

  • Social Platform Strategy

  • Communications Planning

  • Trend Reports

  • Stunt Ideation: Experiential, Talent/Celebrity, Influencer

We make sure it all gets done

Influencer Marketing

In this digital wild wild west, it can be hard to efficiently manage the space if you aren't living and breathing it each day. We are Influencer Marketing experts who can create your influencer strategy, cast, negotiate, track, and manage the entire campaign. We implement innovative planning to create seamless authenticity between influencer and brand. We take influencer marketing to the next level and are constantly thinking about innovative ways for brands to engage influencers and their audiences sincerely. Our goal is to help authentically tell your story, present passionate and diverse talent, and keep the creative front and center.

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Social Platform Strategy

  • Influencer Vetting

  • Post Tracking & Reporting

  • Execution

Procure this!

Celebrity & Talent

Not all influencers are celebrities, and not all celebrities are influencers. Whether you need a musician, athlete, actor, subject matter expert or help with a brand sponsorship, we’ve got your back. Our team can handle talent research and casting, create and negotiate contracts, prep for press, and ensure all deadlines are met.

  • Talent research, recommendations and casting

  • Create and negotiate contracts

  • Ensure preparation for PR

  • Reports & Analytics

We have the documents to back it up

Campaign Management & Process Implementation

It is always easier to navigate anything with a plan. We put processes and documents in place to keep everything on track and up to date. Think of us as your Google Maps. We create a streamlined process for working with and maintaining relationships with talent. Our team will produce all documentation (pitch decks, contracts, internal regulation cheat sheets). We will help with creative, oversee all outreach, negotiation, and facilitation, tracking, analytics and more. We pride ourselves in efficient and organized communication to ensure everyone is in the know.

  • Create and implement streamlined processes

  • Document creation

  • Client communication and coordination of logistics

  • Analytics and reporting

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